I was going from slightly annoyed to very happy… twice…

Let me explain.

Late winter, early spring I got the news that TESSERACT was about to play my favorite venue in my home town in June. Yeay!! When I checked my calendar and saw it was during Copenhell I was pretty disappointed. A few months later Copenhell announced that TESSERACT was playing there as well. Order in the universe was restored.

That was the first time… Here is the second one…

I shot many photos during their performance and decided to use my crappy non-brand SD Card and shoot the rest of the concert in JPEG. The reasoning behind this was to save some space and I felt I already got the photos I wanted. But no no no… Daniel Tompkins had other plans and decided to jump into the audience to do some crowd surfing. I was really well placed and got some great shots.

Later when I was about to transfer the photos from my camera to the computer I got a “Read Error” message on my camera! I was able to transfer a few shots but it looked like the rest of them were corrupted!

I did a Google search for “SD card photo recovery” and found the data recovery software called PhotoRec. So far it looks like it will recover them…

The software is working as I write this and it actually looks like it manages to recover the photos… and it appears that I DID actually shot some of the photos in RAW!

Okay… enough of that. The concert was fantastic! Loved seeing them for the second time.

Concert Details