Meshuggah put on an absolutely amazing show at Pustervik, Gothenburg. I am very glad I got the opportunity to watch them perform live let alone photograph them. The absolute raw power and musicianship these guys displays is phenomenal and has to be experienced live. The sound was fantastic and combined with the intense light show the […]


You call this Copenhell?I would call it a little slice of heaven, if you ask me. Neil Fallon – CLUTCH


I was going from slightly annoyed to very happy… twice… Let me explain. Late winter, early spring I got the news that TESSERACT was about to play my favorite venue in my home town in June. Yeay!! When I checked my calendar and saw it was during Copenhell I was pretty disappointed. A few months […]


The thinking person’s metal band. Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange, western and eastern, beautiful and ugly, taut yet sprawling and epic, they are a tangle of contradictions. Patrick Donovan of The Age