Ne Obliviscaris is a band from the other side… of the planet. At least if you live in Sweden as I do.
The reason I went to the venue Sticky Fingers this evening was to see the band Allegaeon. I had been listening to them for a while and was really looking forward to seeing them this evening.
The headlining band for this night was, however, a band I had never heard of before called Ne Obliviscaris. I was prepared to make it an early evening if they weren’t any good. But I happily stayed the entire night.
Ne Obliviscaris was formed in Melbourne, Australia and they play a unique style of progressive technical death metal with hints of folk music.
We get both clean and harsh vocals from two different singers as well as two guitarists and violin backed up by a very powerful rhythm section. All the musicians are extremely talented and seeing them perform live was sometimes mindblowing.
Vocalist Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris was not able to perform this evening due to illness. Instead of canceling, the set was performed without any growling vocals apart from on a couple of songs.
Fortunately, they got help from Riley McShane of Allegaeon on a few songs. He stepped in with just a couple of hours notice and did a great job.
Since this was the first time I heard Ne Obliviscaris I did not really know where and when the growling vocals were missing or not. But the show was great and I was very impressed.
Ne Obliviscaris was also joined on stage by violinist Natalija May on a couple of songs. The interplay between her and Tim Charles was very beautiful.
So what did I learn from this experience?
Make sure you go to see your favorite bands when they play in your area. Because who knows, the headliners might be really good? You might even find a new great band from the other side?

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