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A Fraction of a Second Later

I have posted one version of this photograph on Instagram before.

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Ola Englund

Here I have tried out a black and white version of this photo. I believe it works really well and I also like the tones and contrasty look it has.

In the photo you see Swedish guitarist, songwriter, record producer, businessman, and YouTuber Ola Englund performing with THE HAUNTED at Liseberg in Göteborg, Sweden.

The Vogel and The Orb

I downloaded two free Lightroom presets made by music and concert photographer Matt Vogel.

To try them out I opened a random photograph from my library. I loaded the preset, adjusted the exposure and here is the result.

The photo I used is one of Alex Paterson from The Orb that I took in Copenhagen in 2017.

A Bit Artsy

Here is a photograph of guitarist Tor Oddmund Suhrke of Leprous.

The photo has been manipulated with the app Mirrorlab.


Hardcore and noise rock quartet BLESSINGS with Furious Blietzkrieg on vocals and lead bass performing at Skjul Fyra Sex in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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A Poster and a cup of coffee.

Here is a mock-up of a poster with a cup of coffee and a small stain.

The photo is of drummer Paul Seidel of The ocean while performing at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I ❤️ mockups!

Here is a mock-up of one of my photos.

This one features the band Katatonia performing at Pustervik in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Ocean

It was quite challenging shooting this concert. There was a lot of smoke and the band were backlit most of the time, when there were any lights at all.

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Leprous – Four times and counting…

I have now seen Leprous perform live four times and they are just getting better and better each time.

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Slipknot – We are not your kind

There is a reason that SLIPKNOT is one of the biggest metal acts in the world right now.

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